Our staff includes ecologists, terrestrial wildlife biologists and botanists. We have conducted scores of rare plant and wildlife surveys, wetland delineations, and habitat characterization and vegetation mapping surveys.  Our botanist has in-depth knowledge of plant taxonomy throughout California and is a recognized expert in the flora of chaparral and forests and the various special-status plants associated with these habitats.  We have expertise in many other habitat types including deserts, riparian wetlands, and Riversidean alluvial fan sage scrub and coastal sage scrub communities. We have a strong background in water functions and a unique capacity for relating the distributions of special-status plants and their potential habitats to underlying substrate conditions. We have been involved with weed eradication plans as part of the development of conservation and mitigation land management plans.

Our staff also includes experienced ornithologists, bat biologists and wildlife biologists who have conducted numerous biological inventories and monitoring programs focused on documenting the distribution and abundance of avian and mammal species. We have conducted avian monitoring programs for management, conservation planning, and development projects. Jericho Systems, Inc. is experienced in conducting surveys for raptors, waterfowl, shorebirds and passerines, as well as assessing potential on site habitat distribution. We are familiar with all laws and regulations pertaining to impacts on special-status avian and mammal species, and their associated habitats.  A highlight of our small mammal work is the coordinated effort with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Inland Valley Development Agency our involvement to develop and implement of a radio telemetry study of the San Bernardino kangaroo rat in the Santa Ana River Wash

Jericho Systems, Inc has conducted numerous wetland delineations involving a variety of wetland habitats including perennial freshwater, alkali seasonal; wetlands; seasonally-saturated grasslands; and riparian woodlands. We have expertise in the laws, and permitting requirements pertaining to wetlands, streambeds, and other waters. We have conducted numerous upland and wetland vegetation mapping projects using both field survey and remote mapping techniques. We characterize plant communities following a variety of different classifications approaches including CDFW, Holland, Keeler-Wolf, and others. We have also conducted numerous habitat assessments to determine the potential for sites to support special-status species.