Planning, Permitting, Construction Monitoring, Habitat Restoration

LSA Associates, TyLin International, and City of Highland (2007 to present)

Note: The American Public Works Association (APWA) awarded Jericho for its significant role in this project which the APWA recognized three separate times as one of the best transportation projects completed in 2015 in the Inland Empire, in Southern California, and in the United States. The project was also selected as one of the APWA’s 2016 Small Community/Rural Community Public Works Projects of the Year.

The City of Highland realigned Greenspot Road and constructed a new bridge over the Santa Ana River, downstream of the existing historic bridge, which was later rehabilitated and preserved for pedestrian access. The new 44-foot wide bridge extends 270 feet across the Santa Ana River, impacting 14 acres of significant sensitive resources including mapped critical habitat for the federally listed Santa Ana sucker and San Bernardino kangaroo rat, and habitat occupied by the Santa Ana River woollystar, and slender-horded spineflower, and jurisdictional waters of the U.S. and State.

Biological Surveys and
Regulatory Permitting.

Since this inception of the Greenspot Bridge Project in 2006, Shay Lawrey (who formed Jericho in 2012) had conducted all biological resources studies and obtained all required regulatory approvals. She prepared the Natural Environmental Study (NES), Biological Assessment (BA), Jurisdictional Delineation (JD) and Habitat Mitigation and Reporting Plan for this project in accordance with Caltrans Standard Environmental Reference (SER), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable federal environmentally related laws. She served as the Project liaison with the State and federal regulatory agencies, obtained the Clean Water Act Sections 404 and 401 permits, California Fish and Game Code Sections 1600 and 2081 permits and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Act Section 7 Incidental Take Permit.

Construction Monitoring.

After forming Jericho Systems, Inc. in 2012 Ms. Lawrey was chosen by USFWS to continue on with this project as the Designated Biologist tasked with construction monitoring for compliance with all aspects of CEQA, NEPA, and regulatory permits.

Habitat Restoration

The City of Highland chose Jericho Systems as the habitat restoration contractor to restore habitat and conduct the required five-year post-construction monitoring.