Jericho Systems, Inc. provides Construction Monitoring and Mitigation plans in accordance with conservation district and government agency oversight. In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of lands placed under conservation easements. These easements are typically held by non-profit land trusts or federal or state agencies. They often involve long-term management, enhancement and/or restoration.

Jericho Systems, Inc. assists resource conservation districts and government agencies in establishing, surveying, restoring, and managing conservation lands. Through our knowledge of hydro- geomorphological and ecological processes, we have a landscape-level approach to land assessment that provides a fundamental ecological understanding of the land. We apply our understanding towards developing effective approaches for habitat restoration, sensitive resource management and enhancement, and invasive species control.

We have helped establish conservation easements, including developing agreements with third party easement holders. We prepare ‘Easement Documentation Reports’ documenting biological and site conditions at the time an easement is established. We have conduct baseline surveys and prepare as well as implement management plans for conservation lands. These plans focus on the management and enhancement of sensitive habitats and species, soil and water conservation, management of fuels loads, and control of detrimental invasive species including weeds, bullfrogs, and feral pigs. We also conduct ongoing monitoring and adaptive management of conservation lands to ensure that recommended land management practices are effective.

Construction monitoring
Mitigation Planning

We are experienced with establishing and managing on-site and off-site mitigation areas. Through our combined knowledge of different mitigation approaches, we effectively advise clients on the best and most cost-effective approach for achieving mitigation for a particular project. We understand how to effectively gain agency approval. Wetland creation and habitat restoration are fundamental aspects of most mitigation sites. Jericho Systems, Inc. staff has experience with the design and construction of a variety of wetland types including riparian woodlands. We have successfully created riparian woodlands that have come to support target special-status species including least Bell’s vireo.  Our approach stresses the careful integration of created and restored habitats into the existing landscape. One of our primary goals in habitat creation and restoration is to create habitats that over time become virtually indistinguishable from natural habitats.

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